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Get Your Free On-Page DIY SEO Guide

Search Engine Optimisation can be neatly bundled into two key areas On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page looks at the things that you need to do on your website to help with search engine rankings and Off-page those strategies that happen away from your website such as getting quality links to raise authority.

As with all great plans, a firm foundation is always important and this is where On-Page SEO comes in. Getting your website in shape is critical to drive long term consistent page rankings. There is no point doing anything more exciting before you get this right.

So download our free “DIY SEO Guide” and make sure that you have all the boxes ticked.

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Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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Local SEO – Is it really of any use for my business in Bristol?

Bristol SEO Local


At present, 9.1 million people search for the term “SEO” every month on Google to try and learn a bit more about what value it could add to their business.

Due to jargon and the technical terms used by the industry, it is inevitable that local business owners in Bristol (and anywhere really) look at SEO as a puzzle that they would love to solve but don’t know how to even begin. In addition, the mystery is further compounded by all web designers saying that they will do SEO as part of their maintenance service of a website. Therefore, a combination of ‘I am not really sure about what I am buying’ together with ‘my web designer is already doing that for me’ results in a lot of businesses not truly appreciating the true value of SEO to their business.

What can you do for yourself – well having a Google places account and updated WHOIS information carries great rewards from the search engines locally. Using Bing Maps and Yahoo Local  to get your business more visible locally is a quick win. Getting links from local businesses and promoting regular fresh content on the site is a great way to keep your site dynamic and ensure it is rewarded for the keywords relevant for your business.

But will any of this actually get you business – well, the answer is simple ——-

At present all generations use the internet to purchase goods and services from businesses they never knew about until the precise moment they typed in their requirements into Google, Bing or Yahoo – and you yourself are doing exactly the same thing most days – and so are your customers. If your business is local, supplies the service a potential customer is looking for and provides great value and service – be it a plumbing service, a builder, a solicitor, an accountant, a florist, etc – it is highly probable that you would have found a customer who did not find you by work of mouth.

The statistics for local seo are very supportive –

85% of consumers search for local businesses on line (1)

71% have purchased a product or service online (2)

24% – 28%  of all online searches have a local intent. (3)

So local search needs to be taken seriously, for more information get in touch

Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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1. Local consumer review survey 2012 2. Pew Internet & American Life Project  3. Local Search Study