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Pinterest and SEO

Pinterest and SEO _ Top Tips

Social authority and social sites are now emerging as factors that can influence you search engine rankings. Search engines are seeing social signals as positive indicators but the “by how much” and “for what type of activity” are still being worked out and refined by the search engines and the SEO world.

There has been a lot of debate about the role of Twitter, Google + and facebook and the SEO value of shares, likes, +1s, comments, quality of followers, comments and subsequent visits to your site. But one area less explored is the value that Pinterest, with itРІР‚в„ўs 11m users, plays and whatРІР‚в„ўs important to make this platform work for your brand and rankings.

Owning you online niche over multiple platforms is great for exposure and also for the credibility of your brand. And owning it early when the value of social is at its infancy also really makes sense. Who knows how important it will be in a few years.

Pinterest as well as being a search engine in its own right is starting to get some traction with the mainstream search engines. It is very early days for pinterest and search engines are probably not picking up on likes and shares however some pins are being picked up in search results. There is no exposure within search results for more competitive phrases but some more niche terms are starting to appear. For example a great board on Pinterest looked at “framing composition” that age-old issue about to layout your pictures and artwork on a wall.  There are over 140 searches a month for this phrase in the UK.

When you search Google for “framing composition” you get:

Pinterest and SEO - Does it Matter?



















This Pinterest board gets in at position 3 which will attract a high proportion of the search traffic.
Pinterest Board - The value for SEO










Is this board owned by a picture framer, poster retailer or photographer? No just a lady who is just interested with no links to a website or any commercial interest. So is there an opportunity here for businesses? I think so.

So if you donРІР‚в„ўt have a pinterest account, get one if you do have another look at is to see how hard it is working for you.

Top Tips For Pinterest And SEO..

Your Profile:

  • Make sure your profile is complete, especially the “about us “section” where you need to use the keywords related to your business.
  • Check that the “Search Privacy” is set to off, this allows search engines to include your profile, boards and pins in their search results.
  • Location – If you are a local business be as specific as you can, include town or city and country eg Bristol, UK. This will help to attract and draw in local traffic.
  • Verify your website – you can upload a file to your server or add a metatag to verify ownership of your site. This increases the authority of your account and helps with SEO.
  • Connect you account to you other social sites including facebook and twitter.

Your Boards

  • Create a variety of different boards around the keywords that are important to your business or sector
  • Use the board description to focus on what the board is about and again use the appropriate keywords.
  • Make sure you add a category so your pin can be indexed to allow them to be found more easily,

Your pins

  • Target the long tail, as mentioned above it will be next to impossible to get rankings for high volume competitive keywords or phrases so go for the less popular more niche terms.
  • Use hash tags, to anchor your pins to a particular subject to make it more discoverable.
  • Use Images from your own Website –Its all well and good re-pinning other peoples pins or images from other websites but this will not get traffic to your site. Get great content with great images on your site and pin new content regularly.
  • Pin descriptions – Pinterest descriptions can be 500 characters long so it makes sense to try to use them all.Р’В  Make sure that it reads well and add your keywords sensitively as apposed to stuffing them in
  • Make Sure the Images You Pin Have Descriptive File Names & Alt Text – if you pin an image from your website makes sure that it has the appropriateР’В  image file name and alt text. These tags are often picked up when someone pins you image so make sure they are keyword rich and make sense
  • Share unique content – as with all social media you will only get shares, comments or likes if you add some value, as spammy approach will never work.

Engaging and getting a following

It is unclear how much the number of followers you and your boards have and the levels of engagement you achieve has on SEO, but this must have some bearing and is bound to get more important in the future. Taking a steer from other social media platforms the more quality followers the more authority.

  • Target individuals or businesses to follow – You can use the search function onР’В  pinterest to find keywords in pins, boards and pinners. You could search for locations (Bristol) , themes (My Wedding) or any keyword that is relevant. When you follow a board or a person they will get a notification that you have followed and if they are interested in what you do they will haveР’В  closer look at you and you business.
  • Comment, like, and re-pin other people’s images. If you are trying to target certain individuals or businesses sharing and liking their images will hopefully raise your profile with them get in their good books.

Back links

Links from Pinterest pins are РІР‚nofollowРІР‚в„ў meaning that search engines will not use them to measure the authority of your site, however the traffic that is generated will raise visitor volumes which in turn is a metric that can raise your rankings

Other useful resources,

Optimising Pinterest for SEO can gain you engaged visitors and traffic , which in turn can improve those important rankings on search engines.

Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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