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Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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Happy New Year – What are your SEO resolutions?


Bristol SEO - New Year's Resolution


Been neglecting your website? Need to rekindle the excitement that you felt when you first launched and went live?

If you need to spend some quality time with your website in 2013, we can help you get reacquainted.

We’ll take a good look at your site and put together a free report that looks at:

  1. The position your website appears on Google, Yahoo and Bing for your industries most common search terms
  2. How your website stacks up against your competition
  3. What a number one search position could mean to your business in pounds and pence
  4. What you could do tomorrow to get your website ranking higher on Google and other search engines
  5. Some longer term strategies for driving more traffic (and new clients) to your website.

We can also schedule in (if you need a bit more counselling) a free 30 minute telephone consultation to run you through the results.

Request your free report by emailing me at rob@bristolseopartnership.co.uk, call 0117 9730544 or fill in the contact form on our website.

Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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Outsourcing Pay Per Click in Bristol – I can do it myself, why do I need an expert to help

PPC Bristol






The minefield that is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising presents challenges for small, medium and large businesses in Bristol. Anyone and everyone can set up an adwords account and have an advert up on Google for relevant keywords in 20-30 minutes.

There are numerous pitfalls that one needs to be aware of to ensure that not only is their pay-per-click getting them targeted traffic but also at the best price possible. Running our own on-line businesses at the Bristol SEO Partnership, we practice what we preach and we have learnt over the years that the difference between the pay-per-click cost of position 1 and position 2 is sometimes over 50%. Clever pricing and an over-inflated adwords keyword tool ensure that the pay-per-click bids tend to get people to over-spend chasing position 1.

As a new digital marketer or a first time advertiser on the search engines, we set up an adwords campaign (unsure which level of keyword search to use – broad, phrase or exact) and position our bids at either the projected costs of position 1 or just under. We design our adwords advert – struggling to understand how to improve the quality score, making our main keywords fit in the limited space, unsure about all the various options that are offered in the adwords back office. Once we have set our daily budget we put our adverts live and watch to see where they land on the page and how much traffic they capture.

Most of the time, they don’t get the first 2-3 positions and then we are encouraged to increase our bid. Until now, you have been doing all the work and there has been no need for any help or the need for an expert.

At this stage, without spending a lot of time (time you don’t have) on learning the various tricks for adwords, the only option is to increase the bid to capture the first spot. However, the other option is to allow an expert to help edit and alter your adwords campaign to make sure you catch the relevant online traffic for your business in and around Bristol whilst making sure that your spend gets less and less. Reducing your cost per click at the same time as increasing your click through rates whilst using all the adwords keyword data you get access too to devise an natural search position SEO strategy would place your business in the best possible position to maximise its customer potential online.


Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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Linkedin – Are you letting your competition see your client list?

I had a conversation with a local Bristol estate agent recently about the benefits of Linkedin to engage and drive new business. He understood the upside but explained his reluctance to use Linkedin as he was constantly getting invites to connect from his competition, other estate agents. In theory he was happy to connect as they were business contacts and in some cases friends but he did not want them to see who else he was connected to. His concern was that his current connections tended to be his businesses clients that could act as a very nice prospect list for a competitor trying to develop their business. He was also concerned that his staff who where also on Linkedin could be also putting their best customers at risk.

This made perfect sense and I wondered how many other business owners where also publishing their client lists on-line, for their competition who they are also connected to plunder as required.

Luckily Linkedin has thought of this and introduced settings that can protect your contacts from prying eyes. This means that your connections only see mutual connections, those that they are also connected to.

So by all means connect to your competition but make sure you secure your connections. Once this estate agent understood this he immediately emailed his entire staff to change their settings and he is now seeing the true value of Linkedin without the sleepless nights..

To protect you connections follow the instructions below:

1. Log into Linkedin and from the Home Page hover over you name on the top right hand side and click on settings.

Linkedin Settings Tab

2. At the bottom of the settings page you will see a section called Privacy Controls click on “Select who can see your connections”

Linkedin Profile - Bristol SEO Partnership

3. A box will appear which gives you options to select who can see your connections. It box also explains that people will always be able to see your shared connections. Select “Only You” to protect your connections and save changes.

only you linkedin - Bristol SEO Partnership

Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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Top Tips for Google Places In Bristol

As local search becomes more and more important to local businesses trying to get a foothold on search engine results, Google Places (soon to become Google local) is becoming a key part of the mix.

Google places allow businesses to create their own listings that appear on the Google search results for those people in your local area. For example I live in Bristol and if I search for coffee shops I get the following results

Google Places For SEO Bristol

As you can see the first 3 natural results are a directory and then 2 Wikipedia entries and then it gets straight into the local Google Places results. This makes sense as Google understand that if I live in Bristol and search for coffee shops I probably am looking for some locally. It is also nice to notice that the independents on the whole are appearing and not the Starbucks of this world.

So lets delve a bit deeper. If you hover over the result you get more detail.

Google Places In Bristol

In this case the Boston Tea Party have done a good job of creating an attractive listing. Compare this to the listing of Spike Island, what a difference.

Bristol Google Places

Lets take a closer look at The Boston Tea Party entry:

Google Places in Bristol

Map – Have a listing for each location – The Boston Tea Party has a number of locations to it makes sense to add a listing for each one.

Great Images – Adding images makes a lot of difference allowing viewers a real insight into you business.  The Boston Tea Party  have some nice images and a link to Google Street View.  You could also add videos and use Google Business Places which is similar to Google Street View but inside your business.

Score and Review – This branch of the Boston Tea Party has 30 reviews and a score of 24. The score is determined by user reviews. Users can rate a business using a 0 – 3 scale. Google averages these scores and multiplies that averaged result by 10 to get the final score. Google also say they adjust some scores using other “inputs and signals” to ensure fairness, in short this is hoped to avoid businesses or the competition trying to fool the system with fake reviews or other shady tactics.

The Boston teas Party has a score of 24 and according to Google this means that it is “Very Good to Excellent” a score of 26 – 30 would move it into the “Extraordinary to Perfection….”

High scores help you get to the top of the Google Places results, so get those reviews…..

At a glance – Make sure you have the location and category term (eg Café) you initially registered you place for in this section, along with other related keyword.  Also put the category term and keywords in the business description.

Other Details – Make sure that you fill in as much of the detail as you can, including opening hours, address and contact details. Also use standard categories (you can pick up to 5) when you set up you account to describe your business.

Google places is a real opportunity for local businesses to make an impression on local search engines results. Make sure you have a Google Places entry and make sure it works as hard as possible.


Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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How to get business from Twitter – Bristol Case Study

It is always nice to see an example of twitter use by Bristol businesses that ends in new revenue and hopefully a good feed.

The below exchange shows what is great about twitter and how it can be used to add real value to all involved.

Initially the conversation shows the power of twitter to get questions answered by your followers and in this case @wehuntandgather asked the question “recommend a restaurant” directly to a Bristol Food expert.

The food expert @bristolbites again used twitter perfectly to share her knowledge and add value to her followers (this is why they follow her).  @bristolsbites recommended 3 places to eat.

One of which @townhousebristol reacted quickly, closing down the competition with a response full of personality and a tempting offer.

@wehuntandgather was sold, booking a table again via twitter, with another quick response from @townhousebristol to confirm the reservation the deal was done…..

and lovely “thank you” from @townhousebristol to @bristolbites to finish things off nicely…


Would love to hear of any other examples of Twitter use that ended in a great night out.

Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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How Bristol businesses can make the most of Linkedin.

Bristol SEO Partnership - Linkedin User GuideMany only see Linkedin as a website that can help get an new job, but for a business it is probably the most important and powerful social media tool to connect and create relationships with their clients and prospects. However, you cannot expect to just to set up a profile and sit back and wait for the business to flood in, you need to work at it and be proactive. Here are our top hygiene tips for using Linkedin, things you really need to be doing as a minimum.

1.    Make sure your profile is 100% complete.

It makes sense to promote yourself properly; add a photo, your experience, past jobs, specialisms and links to your websites and blogs. This give people viewing your profile a real insight into you and what you could do for them.

2.    Connect with lots of people, and especially your clients and prospects.

Linkedin in its simplest form acts like a directory system (the new style Rolodex) for a lot of people. If one of you clients wants to talk to you make sure that they can easily do it via Linkedin. And once your client is connected to you they will see your comments, updates, blog posts etc on their timeline, keeping you and you business front of mind. So get all those business cards out and start linking in on Linkedin.

3.    Ask your clients to recommend you on Linkedin.

Testimonials are always great and reinforce your credibility to your current clients and prospects. If you have done a great job do not be scared to ask for a recommendation.

4.    Give others recommendations;

Linkedin is all about cooperation, mutual scratching of backs. If someone has done a great job for you let them and their connections know.

5.    Join groups.

Groups allow you to talk and exchange views with like-minded souls. These could be groups within your profession or groups from you local area to help you network such as Only Connect Bristol. But do not just join; contribute, ask and answer questions, add your views and become part of the furniture.

6.    As well as your own profile your company should also have a profile.

This is similar to a web site and promotes your business and your areas of specialism. Get you clients to link to business profile and it becomes another great way of communicating and imparting information.

7.    Make sure your profile is optimised.

Just like Google you need to have think about what search terms on Linkedin you want you or your company to show up for. For example if you are an IFA in Bristol you want to appear on a search outcome when someone searches for “financial advice bristol”. In this case you will need to make sure that the words “financial”, “advice” and “bristol” appear in the following places, your; Headline, Current work experience, Past work experience, Summary, Specialisms.

8.    Post quality content and be seen as an expert.

Adding quality and added value content raises your credibility and by linking back to your website in the post increases your website traffic and hopefully new business leads. Think about who your audience is, and tailor your content to them. Make sure you are speaking their language, educate and not confuse.

We hope this helps get you started if you are not already on Linkedin or to inspire you to dust off your current profile and make to work harder for you. Good luck.

Author: Robert Trapnell - Bristol SEO Partnership

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£840,000 of business for the Accountant who is number 1 on Google in Bristol…


Being at position one on a Google search for a keyword or phrase associated to your business product or service is the Nirvana for most companies trying to get more online traffic. Trying to compete nationally for your chosen keywords in most cases will prove difficult but competing on a local level could just be the answer. Search engines like Google are focusing more and more on providing searchers with local results either with Google Places which lists relevant companies details, including a map with the office location, or in the Natural Search results. And research shows that people are much more likely to click on these type of search results that the paid for advertising in the top and right hand side of the search results.


Google Search For Accountants In Bristol - Bristol SEO Partnership


If you are not on the first page unfortunately you are not in the game…

According to research* if your website appears in the first natural (unpaid) positions on page one of a Google search result you will get 36.4% of all user visits, or clicks (the click though rate or CTR). The top 3 natural positions share over a half of all clicks 58.4% and by just being on page one on average you will get 8.9% of the visitors. If your website is on page 2 the number of visitors you can expect falls to 1.5%.

This traffic is pretty much self-qualified, if someone is searching for “Accountant in Bristol”, or “I need an accountant in Bristol” they already have a need and are they are just after someone to help them.

So the reasons to achieve a page one ranking are very clear for any business, and accountants are no different.

Have a look for yourself at what a first page position on a Google Search for “Accountant Bristol” would mean to your practice with our “Google Rank Calculator“.

*Organic CTR December 2010

Author: Robert Trapnell – Bristol SEO Partnership

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