Keyword Research


We start by working with you to understand your business, your customers and your sales process. Then we find out how people are currently searching for your products or services and what search terms they tend to use. With this knowledge we will identify and agree with you those important search terms (keywords) that will deliver the most relevant and profitable traffic to your site.


On-site analysis


We look closely at your website to make sure that it is structured in the way that google and other search engine like it. We look at the code that sits behind your site, the content, copy, keyword placement and the site structure. We work with you to make any changes that are needed to make sure your site pulls its weight with the search engines.


Website Journey/Sales Funnel


We then look at your customer’s journey through your website. Increased traffic does not automatically lead to more business, your site needs to guide and encourage your new visitors to take action. We will help you understand when and why your visitors are leaving your site without taking the action you want them to take, and by testing and tweaking increase conversion rates.


Link Building


Google, as well as many other search engines don’t just look at your website in isolation; they rely on other websites to let them know the true relevance of your site. Obtaining keyword rich text links from other relevant websites is a proven way of improving your search engine rankings. A few high quality links from sites that are related to the sector or industry you are in go a long way compared to thousand of links from low value unrelated sites or reciprocal approaches. We will help you find the right links which will make all the difference to your search engine ranking


Monitoring and Reporting


We track and monitor the results which show clearly what progress is being made, we share this with you.  We are committed to sharing knowledge and information that helps your grow your understanding and your input helps us focus our activity in the right direction. We need you to be in the loop, and not frustrated that you do not know or understand what is going on.


Keeping our ear to the ground


In the SEO world the only constant is that change is inevitable and the ways search engine evaluate your website are constantly evolving. Our search engine optimisation Bristol team work hard to keep on top of these changes and tweak our approach to make sure that your sites continue to be seen in the right place on search engines.


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