Where is your companies place in the social landscape?


Getting Social


Social media provides you with some great ways to your target audience in a less formal way to build your brand, loyalty and your business. It also helps with SEO with Google and other search engines are putting a greater emphasis on the output from social media such as user generated referrals and ratings, topical content and real-time posts.
It’s all about conversations – you have to be part of the mix, the old adage that if you build it they will come does not work in the social media world. As well as building your social media platforms you have to get your hands dirty and engage across a range of platforms which could include Facebook, blogs, twitter and Google +. It’s never been more important to understand how to use social media to your advantage. Marketing your brand is not a one way message anymore, it now also lies in the hand of your end consumers.
Great Social Media can drive your business though increased loyalty, awareness and personal recommendations. Real two-way conversations with consumers who can really influence how your business is seen. But get it wrong and bad news travels just as fast.


What we can help you with


Monitoring & Analysis – We start by listening to what is being talked about. About your brand, your industry or sector. Who is talking? What they are talking about? and who is listening?  We need to understand where your competition is active, who is talking about them and identify and key influencers that may be able to help you.
Strategy development – From our monitoring and analysis we identify the most effective social media sites and channels for your business, key communities and individuals you need to be targeting and most importantly decide what role you will play to add value to those communities.
Implementation– We will help create, customise and  manage professional and hard working social media profiles and platforms whether these be on twitter, facebook or linkedin.
Audience identification and development – We will help you identify, grow and engage with your key audiences.
Generate and distribute Content – We will help you to develop and distribute content via you chosen platforms to maintain visibility, engage your followers and help to drive targeted traffic to your websites.
On going monitoring – We continue to monitor or help you set up your own monitoring to track mentions of your brand, keywords, products and services, making sure you do not miss any opportunity to engage.
Reporting - We will track and report progress against your objectives including web traffic, conversions and ROI generated by your social media activities.

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