Pay-Per-Rank Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – why pay if you don’t get the results?


We can help you develop your website to attract high quality traffic that not only reaches your site but then converts into business. We don’t just chase the latest trends but drive long term, sustainable traffic levels.

And unlike most SEO companies we get paid in line with our performance.


Pay-Per-Rank SEO – For National and Local business looking for local, national or international customers


If your business is looking for local, national or even international customers and want your website to be found as high up on Google page one as possible our pay per rank model could be just for you.

For example if you sell office chairs we will make sure your companies website appears on and as far up page one of Google if someone searches for “office chairs”.

Or if you’re an Accountant in Bristol we can make sure you website appear on Google page one when someone searches for ‘Accountants in Bristol’.

Pay-per-rank simply means that what you pay us is directly related to how high up on Google page one we get your website.

We work with you to select attractive search keywords and agree a pay per rank pricing model, with the price you pay for your website being found at position one when someone searches for those keywords being higher than the price you pay for position ten.

Our pricing is transparent and upfront – apart from a small fixed monthly fee per website, we agree in advance a pay per rank pricing model for each search keyword you select. This pricing model only kicks in when we get your search keywords into the top ten results on page one of Google, not before. So if you don’t rank in the top ten you don’t pay.

Have a look at “How it’s Done” and “What it Costs”


Ethical, Sustainable and Transparent


We do not work in the short term by exploiting loopholes but focus on delivering ethical and sustainable results. We only use researched and tested SEO strategies that deliver long lasting results. We will make sure you understand our recommendations and are always open, honest and transparent.


What else we can help you with?


The SEO techniques we offer often need support from other areas of digital marketing, an integrated approach helps to forge long term success. The Bristol SEO Partnership also provides expert support in the following areas:

Web Development - from small tweaks of code to help your sites on-page SEO to full scale website development projects. Find out more.

Video Production - from corporate videos to viral campaigns. Find out more.

Social Media - from finding your audience to working our what to say. Find out more.

Pay-Per-Click advertising - from keyword selection to advert optimisation. Find out more.