The Bristol SEO Partnership – The Risk Free SEO Option


Put simply, SEO or search engine optimisation makes sure that your potential customers find your website and not your competitors when they search for keywords relevant to your business on the internet. For example if someone searches Google for “Accountants in Bristol” the Accountant Firm in Bristol who ranks highest will get the lion’s share of visits to their website, which leads, if their website does the job, to new clients and new revenue.

Getting your company website onto Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing is a priority for all businesses who want to attract customers online.

The two main options available to businesses are: Pay-per-click advertising (Google Advertising) or to optimise their websites (SEO) to get to the top of the natural results. A third option only available for local businesses who want to appear on the first page for local searches in Bristol is to optimise their business to appear on the Google Places.

All these three options are shown below using  the results for the search on Google for  ‘Accountants in Bristol’.

We can help your business get to the top of Google – not only can we make it possible for your website to become visible to potential customers searching for your services online but we also make sure that what it costs you relates to our success.

So if you need Bristol search engine optimisation or national search engine optimisation get in touch, we can help.